We’re just a group of people who have a love of real estate and design.

We’re mostly family, and have recently extended our branches beyond family to include others who share our vision. We are passionate about our hows and whys and once you meet us, you’ll see our relentless strides in making those passionate visions come alive. We believe in ourselves, and we believe in creating the most functional, beautiful, long lasting and healthy homes for our residents, clients, and communities. We measure our success by how you feel and operate in your home, not by the dollars we may make.



We develop homes. And we design homes.

When we develop, we envision a grand plan of multiple single family homes on a site, or a multifamily building on a site. We then work with a team to design, plan and build that vision. The end result: beautiful homes in relevant neighborhoods up for snags for you to live in.

When we design a home, we work directly with individual clients to bring their vision to reality. We offer our design expertise for remodels, new construction, furniture + accessory packages, and home staging.


With Quality. With Efficiency. With Beauty. With Health.

All of our homes developed are built to a sustainable Green Building program. The program will vary by project, but will always be a higher quality than code, a higher efficiency than most, and a healthier choice in the air you breathe. We incorporate these above standard methods automatically, for to us, it is not an option, but a must in the way we live.

We strive to create an optimal lifestyle for all our residents and clients. To do this, we use the above mentioned methods as well as turn our focus to fulfilling human social needs, human environmental needs, and human psychological needs. Social needs are met by building in urban locations near many commercial amenities. Environmental needs are met by creating green space on site, not necessarily maximizing our unit count. Psychological needs are met by the acute attention to detail in how our homes function as well as providing a beautiful aesthetic, and we humans need beauty.


So many homes today are not built to last due to a lack in quality workmanship and detail. A tragedy. We are here to plan, design, and develop homes that ARE built to last and help put an end to that tragedy. We believe that a home is a place of security, a place to create memories, a place to feel comfortable in, and most importantly the place where you are most uniquely you. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live in that place for the longevity of their life, and feel confident the home will stand with them.